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John Doe (n.) : A placeholder name used when the true name of a patient is unknown

Project John Doe is an initiative aimed at helping the homeless people, migrant workers and unidentified patients who are brought to the doors of our hospital on a daily basis.

Ever since the pandemic hit, a larger number of people from this often overlooked portion of the city’s population have been brought to the hospital, mostly in critical conditions, and are unable to afford emergency care that could save their lives. We have increasingly seen cases of people having to make split second decisions to sell their belongings and property in order to raise funds for their care, the numbers reaching as high as 20 a month as of late.


Autumn Muse, along with the Department of Emergency Medicine, aims to create a permanent fund targeted at covering the costs of treatment for these patients and helping them get back on their feet, especially after the last three pandemic riddled years.



We hope you will help us help them, and aid us in furthering our cause this year.

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