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A Fest with a difference

Since it’s inception, St John’s has aimed at helping those in need and
Autumn Muse has followed in the footsteps of the institution it represents.
Learn more about the cause we are supporting this year!

Our Events

What makes a cultural fest tick? It’s events, of course!
Check out our official Rulebook and Event List, and get ready to be a
part of the revival of South India’s largest intercollegiate fest!

Register Now!

Have all your instruments in tune and your steps in sync?
Fill up our registration form now and reserve your spot at Autumn Muse 2022

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Submit your creativity here!!


Pro Nights

Want to dance along to music all night long?
We've got you covered

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Muse Merch!

It's been gone for a while but now it's BACK!
Keep a part of Autumn Muse with you forever and buy some of our cool merch

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